Vision and Mission



The Congregation of the Mission Sisters of Ajmer

(a Sisterhood of Indian women)

imbued with the love of Christ


inspired by Mary-Seat of Wisdom -

the role model of all women,

are committed to

work in the field of Higher Education

and to uplift the girl child and thus empower her

by providing a holistic development to make an

effective contribution to the community, society and nation.




We are committed to:


·   Inspire young women to achieve academic excellence

·   Teach discernment so that our students think for themselves and think correctly.

·   Encourage and recognise talent in individual students.

·   Create an awarencess that education is a continuous quest.


Socially we work towards:


·   Preparing young women for their role in the future as career women, wives and mothers.

·   Fostering a team spirit and encouraging a sense of responsibility and self- discipline.

·   stressing on individual development bearing in mind the changing needs of society.

·   Creating an atmosphere of respect and concern for the welfare of students.

·   Moulding young girls into mature, responsible , just and empowered women.

·   Teaching them to adjust to the changing social milieu while not forgetting the    

    traditional values.

·   Sensitizing them to reach out to the marginalized and the underpricileged.


Spiritually we aim at:


·   Leading them to know GOD through the pursuit of truth and knowledge of self.

·   Exposing them to values that are eternal.

·   Nurturing them to become beacons of light and ambassadors of harmony.



Thought for the day
Learning Today . . . Leading Tomorrow
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