College Campus

The lusciously green college campus is spread over an area of 9.9 acres with a sports field, three gardens, hostel and the various blocks situated on the strategic entrance to the city of Ajmer on Jaipur Road.

The Hostel

There is a well facilitated hostel with the capacity of 150 undergraduate students of all streams. The hostel seats are allotted on merit basis.


Administrative Block

The first block that one encounters as one enters the main gate of the college is the Administrative block of the college—the initiation of all activities and thoughts.

Arts Block

The Arts Block houses all the faculties of the Arts Section and is one of the oldest of the college wings and is the hub of all the important activities of the college.

Commerce Block

The Commerce Block is comparatively new and boasts of being one of the biggest faculty in the college.

Computer Science Block

The Computer Block with its Computer labs and other latest technologically adapted classrooms is the latest wing in the college campus.

Management Block

The Management Block houses the small department of Management that is flourishing and expanding rapidly

Science Block

The Science Block with its impressive laboratories is a situated on the right of the Arts Block

Virtual Classrooms

To keep pace with the changing trends in pedagogy, the college has introduced virtual classrooms to facilitate a better learning experience.

Swimming Pool

The College has a half olympic size pool. Swimming classes are conducted by a trained professional coach on a monthly payment basis.


The attendance of staff and students is registered through bio metric devices / RFID cards in the college, which ensures punctuality and regularity. It is an effective method to check proxy / fake attendance. Also it helps keep parents informed of their wards attendance. Each classroom has the required number of such devices, which is a time saving factor.

Spacious Library

The College has a well-equipped, computerized and centrally air conditioned library facilitating the right environment for the seeker of knowledge to drown into books and emerge with rare pearls of wisdom.


The College stresses on all round development of its students and thus has a well-equipped sports department as it also is the host of the Inter Collegiate University Tournaments. Sports like basketball, volleyball, hockey, badminton are played all through the year on the sports field of the college.


A centrally cooled state of art auditorium furnished with anLCD and other computer technologies is situated in the heart of the college where all the important functions of the college take place.


Equipped with modern machines, Sophia College has its own state of art gymnasium which is the perfect place to shed those extra kilos to maintain a healthy body and mind.

Seminar Room

A Seminar room to hold all important lectures and academic sessions is built fitted with all the latest technologically enabled equipment.

SNACK SHACK - The College Cafeteria

As the famous saying goes hunger pangs and studies cannot go together, Snack-Shack is the perfect place to satisfy those small hunger pangs and indulge in small talk with friends over a cup of coffee or a snack treat.

Sit Outs

College life is not just about academics and co-curricular activities; it is also about making new friends and sharing experiences. Sophia College has multiple sit-outs which enable the students to create memories for the coming years.


We believe that ‘A healthy mind lives in a healthy body’ and also that ‘Health is Wealth’. The College has the facility for 11 playgrounds and courts for the following games: BasketBall, VolleyBall , HandBall, LawnTennis, TableTennis, Badminton, Kho-Kho, Kabbadi, Cricket, Hockey, Athletics.

Internet Cafe - Parking

A separate internet café is available for the students who want to surf the net in their free time and be technologically in tune with the world.
There is a separate parking area for four wheelers and two wheelers for both the staff and students.

Bank Facility

The College has a counter of Canara Bank just across the road to keep money handling easy and efficient.